Saturday, 29 November 2008

Wenger : Arsenal Urged To Search In Transfer Window

Arsene Wenger has come under major criticism in recent months from supporters because he flatly refuses to go out and spend £30 million on one player, a tactic that has infuriated some of the Arsenal faithful.

Wenger has also been criticised for not suitably replacing former defensive midfielder Mathieu Flamini and making only one major summer signing in the form of Samir Nasri for a fee of £12m.

Arsene Wenger Justifies Transfer Policy

Wenger has admitted that results are not what they could have been, but has been emphasising the fact that a good manager needs to be able to balance the books as well as create a successful team.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Wenger said, "People have not yet analysed what will hit society in the next 12 months and I'm quite proud that, after making £30 million last year, we're in a strong financial position.

"We'll try to make the same amount again. Yet, at the moment, nobody cares – they want us to spend £50-60 million. But we have stability. We have a stadium that is built, and a training ground, and a young and very promising team.

"Okay, results are not as good as expected. But they're not as bad as they have been. People speak as if this club has been in the Champions League continuously for 50 years. But it's not true."

Wenger has also been criticised for playing a brand of football that was too pure to win the Premier League title.

Wenger responded to these claims simply by saying, "good football and winning trophies are the same thing, and that is my philosophy."

He also argues that Roman Abramovich had not brought success to Chelsea and that Chelsea were destined to win the title whatever football they played.

"I believe that Chelsea had a very strong side when Mourinho came in. They would have won trophies anyway. In 2004, we had won the championship unbeaten. Chelsea were second and not until five games from the end could we be certain of winning.

"On top of that, Roman Abramovich was ready to buy again [to Makelele, Lampard, Terry, Gudjohnsen and Gallas were added Carvalho, Cech, Robben and Drogba].

"That topped up a team who were already young and hungry. People forget. That Chelsea team had potential to win the title no matter what style of football they played."

Wenger then seems set to continue his policy of not spending big, and will therefore continue to create stars rather than buy them, and only time will tell whether he is correct or not.

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