Saturday, 29 November 2008

Mauro Zárate Agent : We Could Report Ramón Calderón To UEFA

It might all seem fun and games at first when Real Madrid are rumoured to be interested in signing every player under the sun but today things got serious regarding Mauro Zárate.

We Could Report Ramón Calderón To UEFA - Mauro Zárate Agent
The Spanish side have apparently had him on their radar for a while but according to a representative for Zárate, Luis Ruzzi, Los Blancos have come a bit too close.

"Zárate is of Lazio, nobody can take him away from Lazio," he told Corriere dello Sport.

"When someone tries to take him away, as Real Madrid are doing, it is outside of the rules and they do not have the right to do that, because he has a contract with Lazio.

"Besides, in November transfers cannot be done, Calderón could be reported to UEFA."

An interesting twist in the story is that Zárate did apparently travel to Madrid to meet with the club a little while ago. However, Ruzzi denied this and said that the only reason he went was because they had just lost the Rome derby and he wanted to go somewhere he would not be recognised.

"Those who have speculated about this trip have been wrong. Even if he did have an appointment with another team, would he make it so obvious?," he declared.

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