Friday, 28 November 2008

Result of Most Favourite European Football Club

In the past October untill November, has been create pools about "what is your favourite soccer club".

The option including the best of 3 major european league, Italian Serie A, English Premiere League, And Spanish La liga, to another big club outside of these league, we provide "another club option".

The result is already closed, and realy..its surprising me. i mean, look at the Italian Serie A clubs is far more favourited then clubs from another big league.

Real Madrid the holding of 9 european champions league voted 5 times, less one vote from the defending champions of champions league. they are the most favourited in their league instead catalan giants Barcelona, or northen England fenomenon like arsenal and chelski of course.

but look at the Italian side...they are kick ass !, AC Milan who got bad last season got 11 voters, Internazionale got 1 more voters...its make sense, but the best of them is the old lady with 15 voters ! its about 1/5 off all.

i dont know "why the Italian is soo favourited" but this pools is fair, no one "may voted twice from same IP address"
if we look from "visitors country" its seem the Italian is not the majority, as this blog also from Indonesia.these are the top 16 country of the visitors

so as final statement, me , representing all of our crew announce "The Old Lady Juventus" as "the most favourited soccer club in the world" in 2008 !(as we will take pools once every 6 month,do not forget to take the vote ! )

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