Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Oliver Kahn Cheated by His Girl Friend...Verena Kerth

Verena Kerth

Oliver Kahn did not only lose his place in Germany's starting line-up at the World Cup, but, after failing to convince former coach Jurgen Klinsmann that's he's good for another tournament (he retired after the World Cup), the Bayern Munich keeper is now having a hard time holding on to his girlfriend.

According to "Bild" newspaper, Verena Kerth was caught outside a restaurant making out with some Greek billionaire. The German reporters followed Verena when she went out to eat. Apparently, she had a date with the billionaire and spent most of the time in a Munich restaurant. After a few hours, the two decided to heat it up a little bit.

So they went into "Pasha" club, where they partied all night long. Early in the morning, the two were surprised making out on their way home. According to the named source, "they came out in the dusk, stopping on the road from time to time to give each other a little kiss".

The Greek's name is, apparently, Alexander K. At least that's the name that the German tabloid made public. And, according to this mysterious Alex K, the relationship between him and Verena Kerth is doing quite well. "I am enjoying every moment of it and I'm very anxious to see what happens next", admitted K.

In the meantime, Oliver Kahn did not talk to the media about his relationship. Although the story has been published in the most important tabloid in the country, the keeper refused to comment on his girlfriend's behavior. According to "Bild", "Oliver is very affected".

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