Tuesday, 16 September 2008

juventus - udinese 1-0

The 28-year-old Amauri is widely regarded as one of Serie A's top strikers, and he showed his pedigree last night by scoring the winner for Juventus in their 1-0 victory over Udinese in Turin.

The ex-Chievo frontman is due to receive an Italian passport very shortly, and as he has never represented Brazil, he will be eligible to play for the Azzurri.

Critics are split over whether Amauri deserves to wear the Italy shirt, but late last week Lippi appeared to suggest that he will call the striker once he gets his passport.

"I have spoken to Amauri,” the tactician told Sky Sports 24.

“He is a very strong player, and I am waiting for him to become Italian.”

Amauri now appears to be desperate to represent his soon-to-be adopted country, stating: “If Lippi were to call me I would go there running.”

Amauri has been in Italy since 2000, also wearing the club shirts of Napoli, Piacenza, Messina, Chievo and Palermo.

Juventus Tancap Gas !

sang Nyonya besar telah kembali !ya penguasa serie A juventus membukukan kemenangan walaupun tipis atas tim papan tengah udinese di Turin .

udinese tumbang atas gol Carlvalho Amauri setelah dia mendapat bola muntah hasil serbuan sporadis para pemain juve ke gawang udinese, penampilan ciamik Juventus juga berujung pada kebahagiaan Amauri yang dinyatakan akan dipanggil Marcello Lippi ke timnas Azzuri, selebihnya Juventus mulai masuk ke persaingan scudetto dengan mengumpulkan nilai 4 dan kalah selisih 2 poin dari Lazio sebagai pemuncak klasemen

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