Sunday, 14 September 2008

barcelona v racing santander 1-1

No Surender Yet Barcelona, after Bad result, they want new ammunition !60 million euro man

FC Barcelona could be weighing up their options in the very near future to sign a player many consider will become Lionel Messi’s ultimate strike ally: Sergio Agüero.

Both Leo and El Kun have already established themselves as a permanent fixture for the Argentine national team and they have also collaborated on numerous games over the past few years.

While their partnership with the Albicelestes has yet to hit full stride, their collaboration continues to blossom steadily and the Blaugrana have reason to believe that by playing them together week in, week out in club football, the pair could become one of the most lethal attacking duos in the history of the game.

Barcelona-based daily Sport is already watering at the mouth over that prospect and they believe that Agüero’s current €60 million buy-out clause with Atlético Madrid should not pose that big an issue for Barça nor seem that ridiculous an amount, considering the state of the transfer market at present.

That may be the case but getting the player himself to agree to jump ship is another matter altogether. Agüero will ultimately have the final say about his future and whether or not he wants to leave the Vicente Calderón for another La Liga outfit as his relationship and affection with Los Colchoneros continue to rapidly grow.

The 20 year old, however, has only stated in the past that he would not leave Atleti for crosstown nemesis, Real Madrid, although he did hint that he will return to Argentina to see out his playing days once and when his Atlético career is over.

If El Kun can maintain his upward momentum this season and elevate himself to the class Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaká are in, the Blaugrana is certain to face stiff competition for his signature, with Juventus being the latest club to lavish praise on the young Argentine.

Barcelona dan (atau tepatnya Guardiola) belum menyerah...

hasil 1-1 melwan klub kecil di Camp Nou jelas tidak pernah terpikirkan oleh puluhan ribu pendukung el Barca yang memadati stadion kala menjamu Racing Santander, terlebih setelah revolusi yang terkesan sangat berani, yaitu merombak total tim juara yang pernah menguasai Eropa dibawah asuhan meneer Belanda Frank Rijkaard, namun sayang seribu sayang, hasil imbang tidak mampu menjawab asa para fans el barca

namun barcelona tetap berambisi besar musim ini dengan menargetkan kedatangan "manusia 60 juta euro.." siapa dia?..Kun aguerro adalah target besar el Barca musim ini, setelah "mencapai" pencapaian start terburuk Barcadalam 35 tahun terakhir, apa lagi yang akan dipakai dalih Pep Guardiola ? apakah rencana menggaet Kun memang dalam rencananya ? atau hanya pengalihan cemoohan publik..? kita lihat saja...

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