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Inter Milan vs Lecce 1-0 ,serie A 2008, week 4

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Inter vs Lecce players rating

Julio Cesar 6.5 - Wasn’t called into action very often, but had to come up with a handful of important saves nonetheless. One of Serie A’s most reliable goalkeepers.

Zanetti 6.5 – Did his job well both at right back (where he hadn’t played for a while), in the first half, and in midfield in the second. The usual strong contribution both defensively and going forward.

Cordoba 6 – Made few missteps and showed his experience on a few occasions when he resolved tricky situations at the back.

Burdisso 6 – Didn’t make any notable mistakes at center back. Also had a chance to score late on, but his header on a corner went wide.

Chivu 6 – Limited himself to defensive duties. Was replaced by Cruz (7) on the hour mark shortly after getting booked, and it proved to be a golden change. The Argentinean striker proved to be decisive yet again with a clinical strike to hand his team a priceless win that sends them top of the table.

Vieira 5.5 – Made a number of poor passes in the first half and was rightly replaced at half time by Maicon (6.5), who proved his value for Inter yet again with a number of dangerous runs and crosses, one of which led to Cruz’s winning goal.

Stankovic 5.5 – Never made himself remotely dangerous in the first half, and Mourinho understandably took him off for Quaresma (6) in the restart. The Portuguese winger showed some of his tricks and trivela crosses, one of which almost led to Adriano scoring, but he could not quite come up with any decisive moves.

Cambiasso 6 – Not many dangerous moments going forward, but did not make many mistakes defensively. Another highly reliable player in his position.

Mancini 5.5 – Frequently failed to control simple balls and rarely made himself dangerous. He had a bit of an off night tonight.

Ibrahimovic 6 – Found himself in dangerous positions frequently, and also made a lot of mistakes, but his header down to Cruz was decisive.

Adriano 5.5 – Missed a massive chance in the first half to open the score on a corner kick, and overall he failed to confirm his good performance against Torino last weekend.


Benussi 6 – Made a number of important saves to keep the score goalless, but perhaps he could have done something on Cruz’s winning goal, which was scored on a volley from the edge of the area.

Angelo 6 – Managed to contain Mancini well, but had to come off due to injury early in the second half. He was replaced by Diamoutene (5.5), who was frequently outplayed by Inter’s midfielders.

Stendardo 6.5 – Held firm in the center of the defence and was one of the primary reasons Inter couldn’t score for such a long time.

Fabiano 5.5 – Frequently suffered against both Ibrahimovic and Adriano, and was at fault for Inter’s goal.

Esposito 6 – A diligent display by the young left back, who made some good runs forward, and didn’t make too many mistakes at the back.

Munari 6 – Did what he could do to make himself dangerous on the right wing. When Lecce attacked, he was frequently involved.

Zanchetta 6.5 – Tested Julio Cesar on several occasions with powerful shots and dangerous free kicks.

Ardito 6 – Some solid defensive work in central midfield.

Ariatti 6 – Resorted mostly to defensive duties and struggled to make himself dangerous going forward.

Cacia 5.5 – The decision to play him ahead of Castillo proved to be a wrong one. The striker practically never managed to threaten the Inter defence. Was replaced 15 minutes before the end by Caserta.

Tiribocchi 5 – Confirmed his poor start to the season, in which the 30-year-old striker has failed to find the net. Never even got himself in scoring positions. Early in the second half he was replaced by Castillo (6), who showed he should have started as he at least came close a few times by finding himself in the right place at the right time.

Cruz...Selamatkan Muka Sang Spesial..

Dalam pertandingan yang diwarnai banyak peluang, pertandingan Inter Milan dan Lecce hanya berbuah satu gol yang baru tercipta sepuluh menit sebelum usai.

Pertandingan ini menjadi pertandingan ke-600 bagi kapten Javier Zanetti. Pemain Argentina yang sudah bergabung sejak 1995 ini tetap menjadi bagian tak terpisahkan dari Nerazzurri. Inter ingin meneruskan rangkaian hasil baik yang dicatatnya sepanjang beberapa pekan terakhir. Namun, mereka mengawali pertandingan dengan terburu-buru.

Beberapa peluang Inter seperti yang diperoleh Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Adriano, dan Amantio Mancini tak mampu membuahkan gol. Babak pertama berakhir tanpa gol.

Ricardo Quaresma dan Maicon pun dimasukkan untuk membuat perubahan, sehingga membuat Lecce praktis terkurung di pertahanan sendiri sepanjang 45 menit kedua. Refleks tangkas yang dimiliki kiper Francesco Benussi sukses mempertahankan gawang Lecce dari kebobolan. Paling tidak, hingga menit ke-80.

Pemain pengganti terakhir yang dimasukkan Jose Mourinho, Julio Cruz, akhirnya memecah kebuntuan tuan rumah. Striker Argentina itu memaksimalkan umpan Ibrahimovic yang kian meningkatkan nafsu Inter untuk menciptakan gol tambahan.

Satu serangan balik Lecce dapat berbuah gol. Namun, peluang Guanni Munari masih dapat dimentahkan Nicolas Burdisso demi mengamankan keunggulan Inter. Kedudukan tak berubah 1-0 untuk Inter hingga peluit panjang.

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