Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Robinho : City Need Brazilian If Want To Be Good

There is already a noticeable trident of Brazilian stars at Manchester City.

Robinho Wants Brazilians To Flock To Eastlands

Robinho, a £32 million British transfer record signing from Real Madrid, joined a club that also houses Elano and Jo, but has called on stars like Kaka, Ronaldo, Thiago Silva and Kleber, to make the trip too.

Robinho is quoted by Setanta as saying: "Who would I sign? Kaka, Ronaldo, if I could choose... there are so many good players.

"But well, at this moment the team needs to improve the defence. When you build a house you have to start from the floor.

"They ask me if there are players to be signed. I have suggested Kleber, the Santos left back, Thiago Silva who plays at centre back for Fluminense, who’s been playing very well.

"The coach mentioned Luisao, who is Brazilian and plays for Benfica."

He continued: "Now the transfer window will open in January, and obviously here we have good players, but if the club wants to be big, we have to sign more players."

Robinho has won league titles in the past, and has criticised his current team-mates for lacking a championship-winning mentality.

"They have excellent players here, but what they lack is the mentality of champions. At Real Madrid, I learned a will to win. Here they have a good team, but they’re content with just finishing 5th or 6th.

"For me you can only be content when you’re champions. You can only be content with winning away. You need to want to beat Chelsea at their home, to beat Manchester United, to beat Liverpool.

"They are content with little, just a draw might be good enough. Maybe I have changed this mentality a bit, we beat Arsenal, we played well against Chelsea although we didn’t win.

"I want to inspire a winning mentality," he added. "As I’ve learnt in the clubs where I’ve played. I’ve learned that being second is worthless. I played at Santos, where the supporters want to win every tournament we play in."

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