Monday, 8 December 2008

Lecce vs Juventus 1-2 Players Rating


Benussi - 6.0:
Misjudged one cross in the first half, but apart from this was relatively sound. Blameless on both goals.

Schiavi - 4.5: Was torn apart at times down the right hand side by Giovinco. A tough afternoon.

Stendardo - 6.5: Coped well with Amauri for almost the entire 90 minutes, but could only watch on as the Brazilian won the points at the death.

Fabiano - 6.5: One key last gasp tackle in the first half, Fabiano could not really be faulted this afternoon.

Esposito - 6.0:
Barely troubled by Marchionni, but the cross for the late winner did stem from his side.

Munari - 6.0:
He and Nedved cancelled each other out down the right hand side.

Giacomazzi - 6.0: Usually one of Lecce's talismans, but this afternoon he was not as involved as normal.

Vives - 6.0: A hardworking display from Munari, but second best against Sissoko and Marchisio in midfield.

Ariatti - 5.5: A quiet game from Ariatti, who made virtually no impact down the left hand side. His replacement Caserta was far more impressive.

Castillo - 6.0: Missed an absolute sitter just before Cacia's equaliser. Only the Argentine will know how he failed to score.

Tiribocchi - 7.0: A real pain in the backside for the Juve defence in the second half. Came close to scoring midway through the half, and provided the cross for Cacia's goal.

Subs: Caserta 7.0, Giuliatto 6.0, Cacia 8.0


Manninger - 6.5:
Did not have too much to do this afternoon, but did make one smart save from Castillo.

Grygera - 6.5: Not troubled at all defensively, and pushed up the field well too, whipping in a number of crosses.

Legrottaglie - 6.5: Solid at the back, but will regret his careless booking, which will see him suspended for next week's big game against Milan.

Chiellini - 6.5: Not as dominant as he usually is, and won't make Team of the Week again, but still a sound performance.

Molinaro - 6.0: Quietly went about his work on the left hand side, but once again his passing and crossing was poor.

Marchionni - 6.0:
Not impressing at all at the moment down the right hand side, and this was another ordinary performance.

Sissoko - 7.0:
Dominated the centre of midfield along with Marchisio. Too strong for Giacomazzi and Vives.

Marchisio - 7.5: Impressive, both offensively and defensively. Tracked back and made some key tackles, and used the ball intelligently.

Nedved - 6.0: Looked very tired this afternoon. Did not harm his side, but brought nothing to the table either. He was merely existing.

Giovinco - 8.5: The undoubted man-of-the-match. Embarked on countless solo runs, created danger whenever he touched the ball and, to cap it off, scored a brilliant free kick.

Amauri - 7.5: Was not having one of his better games until he scored a crucial last minute goal to win Juve the points. How priceless that goal could prove to be.

Subs: De Ceglie 7.0

Player Ratings: Lecce 1-2 Juventus

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