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juventus vs torino 1-0, Highlight Liga Italia 2008, week 8

highlight soccer video, serie A Italia 2008,juventus vs torino 1-0
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Manninger: 6.0-
Was merely a pedestrian between the sticks tonight and did not see much action.

Molinaro: 6.0- No glaring mistakes and managed to push forward on a couple of occasions but the final product was poor.

Chiellini: 7.0- Took Bianchi completely out of the match and put him in his back pocket.

Legrottaglie: 7.0- Was solid at the back, made some vital blocks and was never caught out of position.

Grygera: 6.0- Put in a workmanlike effort before he had to be substituted because of a pulled muscle.

De Ceglie: 6.5- Did well in his makeshift role in the midfield with out any fuss.

Sissoko: 7.0- The tough tackling midfielder had two good chances in the first ten minutes and won the midfield battle.

Nedved: 7.0- Will be battered and bruised after being abused all evening long but showed his mettle with a gritty performance.

Marchionni: 6.0- Was foiled twice by Calderoni in the 20th minute but slowly disappeared as the match wore on.

Del Piero: 6.0- It was a fairly tame performance from the captain who failed to put his stamp on the match.

Amauri: 7.0- After a quiet first half, Amauri sprung to life with a good solo effort that won the derby for Juventus.

SUBS: Mellberg (46”) 6.0, Giovinco (62”) 6.5, Iaquinta (81”) NA


Calderoni: 6.0- Made a world class double save on Marchionni in the first half but should have kept Amauri’s shot from finding the back of the net in the 47th minute

Di Loreto: 6.0- Amauri left him wallowing in the dust on his way to scoring the only goal of the match.

Natali: 6.0- He made two poor clearances in first ten minutes and never really settled into the match.

Pisano: 6.0- Defended the left flank fairly well and put together a decent performance.

Diana: 6.0- Fought hard in the midfield trenches tonight and dished out as much punishment as he received.

Barone: 6.0- Did a poor job keeping his emotions in check and felt it was necessary to harangue the referee after the match.

Zanetti: 5.5- Lost possession on numerous occasions tonight and will be disappointed with his performance.

Rubin: 5.0- Failed to make any sort of impression on the match and was substituted early in the second half.

Abate: 6.0- The speedy midfielder managed to make a nuisance of himself in the second half with some decent crosses.

Bianchi: 5.5- Missed a good chance when he failed to chip Manninger who was in no man’s land in the 34th minute but was invisible after that and was substituted in the second half.

Rosina: 6.0- Looked lively on the ball but the midfield maestro was kept in check by the Juventus back-four.

SUBS: Abbruscato (56”) 6.5, Amoruso (70”) 6.0, Ventola (82”) NA

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