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Inter Milan vs Anorthosis famagusta 1-0, Champions League 2008

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Inter Milan:

Francesco Toldo: 6.0 – If not for his one save, I would have written “n/a”. The retired Italian international was untested for nearly the entire match. I think I may have seen him set up a lawn chair in front of goal. Then again, the cameraman only turned far enough to show him for a moment.

Javier Zanetti: 7.0 – The Argentine international’s 35-year-old legs seem to never fail. Offensively, he did well to bring the ball forward, and he never failed to provide on the defensive end.

Ivan Cordoba: 7.5 –
One of the reasons why Toldo could have called in sick today without having any adverse effect on his team. Although he was rarely tested, he did his job, and well.

Cristian Chivu: 7.5 –
Another one of the reasons why Toldo could have called in sick today without having any adverse effect on his team. Like Cordoba, Chivu had little work to do, but was ever ready to help and made no mistakes.

Maicon: 7.0 –
His assist to Adriano won the match for Inter, and that alone earns him his rating. Would have earned a 7.5 if not for his terribly missed header on 3 minutes that could have saved Jose Mourinho’s nerves.

Sulley Ali Muntari: 7.0 –
The Ghanain international will be disappointed to have failed to score tonight. While his 49th minute open header was a poor effort, his 10th minute shot was only denied by an excellent save.

Esteban Cambiasso: 8.0 – Was content to stay back and pull the strings in central midfield. His efforts were enough to disrupt any of Anorthosis’ forward progress in the middle.

Dejan Stankovic: 7.5 – A solid performance from the Serbian. He effectively mediated Inter’s transitions from defense to offense, on many occasions providing good long-balls to the forwards.

Mancini: 5.0 –
Uninspired play from the Brazilian. Aside from a lazy 40-yard shot that missed by a mile, the left forward took no shots, and he only provided two decent crosses, neither of which resulted in goals. His only bright spot in the match was hardly his doing; he received a cross in the penalty area and, instead of volleying (a better idea), he passed back for Muntari to shoot.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: 5.5 – Active, but strikers are paid to score goals, and Ibra could not do just that. When he did run, he missed; refer to his missed 1-on-1 with the keeper on 68 minutes. Otherwise, he rather lazily settled for speculative long-ranged efforts.

Adriano: 8.0 – Scored a deserved winner and was the only real producer among an unimpressive Inter front line. His passing was inventive and, unlike his teammates, he actually threatened to score.


Ricardo Quaresma: 4.0 – Squandered his chance to prove something to Mourinho. A good performance from the Portuguese international following Mancini’s poor display could have earned him a starting role. He was even given a clear chance at goal in the 91st minute, but couldn’t control the ball. A disappointment.

Julio Cruz: n/a

Nicolas Burdisso: n/a

Anorthosis Famagusta:

Arjan Beqaj:7.5 – I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, like Toldo, Beqaj was hardly tested. Inter managed just four shots on goal the entire match, and Beqaj saved three. Adriano’s goal was no fault of Beqaj’s, and the Albanian delivered when it came to positioning himself and knocking away dangerous balls.

Jeffrey Leiwakabessy: 5.5 – The good: he didn’t mess up badly. The bad: his positioning was often questionable at best. Because Inter attacked on their left, Leiwakabessy had fewer opportunities to make plays or be beaten, so he earns a rating higher than that of his right-lying counterpart.

Andreas Constantinou: 4.0 – Should have cost his team a penalty kick in the 42nd minute with an unnecessary hand-ball in his own penalty area, but benefited from the referees’ mercy. Otherwise, the Cypriot was poorly positioned and lacked aggression inside his own penalty area.

Nicos Katsavakis: 4.0 – Like Constantinou, was poorly positioned in his own penalty area, and was outclassed by the clever Adriano. Had a great chance to bring Anorthosis back into the match, but his 46th minute free header was off-target.

Predrag Ocokoljic: 4.0 – Went forward too much. With Constantinou and Katsavakis having such great difficulty dealing with Ibrahimovic and Adriano, it was really unnecessary for the Serbian to make such a great commitment on the offensive end, especially if he didn’t deliver any support, save two blocked shots.

Vincent Laban: 5.0 – Provided just about as much offensively as anyone else on his team, firing a wild 35-yard shot off target and assisting a missed header following a corner.

Traianos Dellas: 6.0 – One of the more active Anorthosis players, Dellas won himself several free kicks, and effectively linked with his teammates on the offensive end. His fourth minute free kick was excellent and nearly gave Anorthosis a surprise lead early in the match.

Sinisa Dobrasinovic: 4.5 –
As a defensive midfielder, it was his responsibility to cut off Inter’s attack before the Italians reached their attacking third. This Dobrasinovic failed to do.

Cedric Bardon: 4.5 – Mostly anonymous, and unable to hold off Inter’s relentless attack on the left flank.

Bortolini Savio: 5.0 –
Found Katsavakis among a sea of Inter defenders in the 46th minute on a play that should have seen Anorthosis claim the equalizer. Was more active in the first half than the second, and was visibly fatigued in the closing minutes.

Lukasz Sosin: 5.0 –
It wasn’t his fault that, every time he got the ball, he was dispossessed by two world-class centre-backs. Sosin worked hard, but didn’t have enough left in him to run out for the second half.


Hawar Mulla Mohammed: n/a. Yes, he played for half the match, but I don’t recall him being involved in anything significant, or even touching the ball.

Klimenti Tsiatishvili: n/a

Nikolaos Frousos:

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